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Computer Network Upgrade For An Organization

Question You have been hired to upgrade a network of 50 computers currently connected to 10Mbps hubs. This long-overdue upgrade is necessary because of poor network response time caused by a lot of collisions occurring during long file transfers between clients and servers. How do you recommend upg ... Read More

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Draw ER Diagram For Club Offering Different Subscription Levels

Question A club offers memberships to its patrons at different subscription levels. Use this broad theme to develop an E-R diagram (using Crow’s Foot notation), which contains associative and attributive entities. Make reasonable assumptions, and state and explain why they are reasonable, in ... Read More

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Draw ER Diagram For Credit Bureau Accessing Loan Application

Question Create a “Use Case Diagram” for the following scenario, and list the “actors” and “use cases”: An applicant applies for a loan using a loan application. The credit bureau of the lending institution has access to the applicant’s loan application. Th ... Read More

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Plan And Code A Golf Game In Python

Question You are to plan and then code a golf game program in Python 3, as described in the following information and sample output. Use simple functions, selection and repetition. However, it is important to note that you are not to define any of your own classes or use lists or dictionaries. Pro ... Read More

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Write A Report On The Emergence Of Artificial Intelligence And Advancements In Robotics Technology

Question Artificial intelligence and Advancements in Robotic Technology Reasons and Benefits for the use of the Emerging Technology(Choosen Topic mentioned above) a. Identify the business drivers and main reasons for the use of the emerging technology within the organisation. What drove the or ... Read More

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Report Comparing Cloud Service And On Premises Installation Of Server Hardware

Question You are expected to compare the cost of using a cloud service versus on-premise installation for the given requirements. Requirements: 3 powerful servers with at least 8 cores, 8 GB memory, 50 GB SSD disk (for application frontend) 6 powerful servers with at least 8 cores, 50 GB memor ... Read More

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Write Program For Validating Username And Password

Question Automatic Log-in a. Implement a servlet that presents a new user with a form containing fields for entering a user name and password (the latter should use an appropriate type of input element). The form should also contain a checkbox, initially unchecked, labeled “Check to log in a ... Read More

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Vulnerability Testing of Key and Strategic Government Departments Presentation

Question Scenario: You are a new IT security professional for a small police department. At first you did not see your agency as being a large target for attacks. However, the city recently appointed a new and very controversial police chief. Following the appointment of the new police chief, you ... Read More

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Processes Taking Place In Pushdown Automation

QuestionConsider the following Pushdown Automaton (PDA) P1:P1 = (Q = {q0, q1}, ∑ = {a, b, c}, ד = {0, 1, #}, δ, q0, Z0 = #, F = {q1}) where the transition function δ is given by:δ (q0, a,#) = {(q0, 0#), (q0, 11#)}δ (q0, a, 0) = {(q0, 00), (q0, 110)}δ (q0, a, 1) ... Read More

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Powerpoint Presentation On Security Management Mechanisms

QuestionWhen describing Security Management mechanisms, focus and solutions are usually divided into three main categories: ·    Administrative Controls – Policies and Procedures·    Technical Controls – System Implementations· &nb ... Read More

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Develop Website Using HTML And Validate It Using CSS And Visual Studio

QuestionDevelopment teams are necessary in application development, including Web development. Members of the Small Group will form a development team responsible for developing a small Web site according to the following specifications.·    The Web site should include fou ... Read More

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Develop Subnet Calculator Using Visual Studio

QuestionCreate a Visual Basic .NET Windows Application with the following user requirements: 1. Has an interface layout similar to the Sample Layout. 2. Has a modular program structure, where all required functions are contained in a separate class library that is completely independent from the mai ... Read More

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