Comparison of Short Plain Vanilla Forward with Short Target Forward Contract


This question concerns a simplified version of the target forwards contract introduced in class during the Aracruz Cellulose discussion.

You are comparing two alternatives:

  • A short plain vanilla forward contract with a delivery price of K1 = 100; and
  • A short target forward with a delivery price of K2 = 103.

Both instruments have a maturity of one month and are written on the same underlying asset. Both instruments are zero value at inception, i.e., you do not have to pay anything upfront to get into the respective contracts. If ST denotes the price of the underlying asset at maturity, the payoff from the short forward at maturity is

100 - ST

for all ST, while the payoff from the short target forward at maturity is



103 - ST,          if ST < 103

2 x (103 - ST), if ST ≥ 103


Answer the following questions:

  1. For what range of values of ST will the short target forward with delivery price 103 result in a larger payoff at maturity than the short vanilla forward contract with delivery price 100?
  1. Show that the target forward with a delivery price of 103 is identical to a portfolio of two items: (i) a short position in a vanilla forward with a delivery price of 103, and (ii) a short position in a plain vanilla call option with a strike of 103. (In words, being short a target forward is like being short an ordinary forward and, in addition, being short a call option.) That is, fill in the payoffs of each instrument in the following table and show that the total payoff is exactly the same as the target forward's payoff give above.



Payoff if ST < 103

Payoff if ST ≥ 103

Short forward



Short call







Summary: This question belongs to finance and discusses about discusses about simplified version of the target forwards contracts.

Answer is in Excel format


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