Comparison and Discussion of Data Collection Methods


1) Discuss and compare data collection methods.

a. In your discussion, write an introductory paragraph which introduces various alternative ways in which the data could be collected.  For example, focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopper, ethnography, content analysis.
b.  Then develop a table that shows the differences  between  the  methods  of data  collection  and  then  write  another  paragraph  to  critically  evaluate  the differences before arriving at a conclusion, which discusses and provides  a reason for the BEST way to collect the data in the scenario.
c. Once you have selected a better way of collecting the data (and justified your choice).  Write about two pages to explain the differences (between the method in the scenario and the method you have selected as being best). The differences should include; data collection procedures, differences in sampling methods, differences in data analysis techniques, differences in research output, outcomes and ways of addressing the BRO.

2)  Descriptive data output.

a. Identify the descriptive data.
b. Analyse, interpret and report the results of the descriptive data.
c. Under the heading of “descriptive data”, write a one page assessment of your findings.

3)  Other research data.

a. Identify the output data that is looking at differences in the data
b. Analyse, interpret and report the results of differences in data
c. Identify output data that is looking at relationships in the data
d. Analyse, interpret and report the results of relationships in the data.
e. Under the heading of “reporting the results”, write a two page assessment of your findings.  The findings should address the research questions. You may like to include two sub-headings: (1) results of differences in data and (2) results of relationships in data.

4) Based on your findings (in Q2 and Q3) draw conclusions and address the BRO. The recommendations you write in this report should address the MDS and up-date management information.


The question is about data collection methods. This data collection is for taking strategic decisions. Data collected from different and credible sources help in taking sound and sustainable strategic decisions. This report is about the various types of data such as descriptive data, research data and the various data collection techniques which are used for taking strategic decisions have been discussed in the solution in detail.

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