Code for Creating a Website for Storing Movie or Music Data in SQL Tables


Write a movie website with:
•    at least three scaffolds or models,
•    at least one drop down menu choice in its forms
•    pictures
•    error checking and data-validity checking on values like numbers, etc.
•    an aesthetic and user-friendly CSS layout
•    a form that you created
•    that automatically loads when you go to
•    with a useful db/seeds.rb file
Both pieces of extra functionality may be done independently. That is, one (either one) may be done, or they both may be done, or neither may be done. The maximum number of points for the 1st your extra functionality is 20. The maximum number of points for the 2nd your extra functionality is 10.
The extra functionality is:
•    Use one join table in your project.
•    Use a login page in your project.
Write a document of at least 2 pages to explain your project's design.
•    Tell what you did (for the benefit of future coders).
•    Tell the flow of information among your controller methods and views
•    Draw out your tables, showing primary and foreign keys (if applicable), join table relationships (if applicable), etc.
•    Tell what the legal domains (e.g. range of integers) are for your attributes.
•    Tell your philosophy of where links should be, and other user-centered design decisions that manifest themselves in your CSS.
•    Tell why you decided to include the pictures that you did.
•    Tell usernames and passwords to your login page (if applicable).
•    Tell anything else relevant to using or extending the code of your website.


The question belongs to Computer Science, particularly to web programming. Here the question is about writing code for a movie or music website with artists, music, movies, etc placed in sql tables. The solution contains the code. The coding can be found within the solution Zip file.

Total Word Count 227


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