Change in Management and Change in the Organization


Select one facet of an organization that. requires restructuring or reforming. It could be related to operations, human resources, Infrastructure, marketing, distribution, supply chains or anything that requires change and transformation. For this task you are required to using change management tools and methods such as organizational development or any other tool or approach that you think is appropriate or obtained from the management literature and then prepare a report outlining how you would manage this planned change. Your report should address the following issues:

• Introduction to the organization, identification of the Issue that requires transformation.
• What is your chosen approach to change management? What theories of change management inform your chosen approach?
• What type of interventions do you intend to make, why? Explain how these interventions will assist you to achieve your outcome?
• What are the short, medium and long term goals that you hope to attain from this change process?
• What are the resources capacities and skills that will be required to implement these planned changes?
• How do you intend to achieve stakeholder buy in to the change process? How will you address resistance to the change process?
• How will you evaluate the success of your planned change process?
• Include recommendations for the future operations of the organization.


The question belongs to Management and it deals with approaches to change in management in an organization and the subsequent improvements in the organization. An example of Air France has been used in this case to explain how change in management can bring about a change in the organization.

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