Challenges in Teamwork in Arab Companies


Team-Building Skills

            How well are Arab workers skilled in working with teams that include diverse members from different cultures and nationalities? Studies indicate that Arab workers, in general, are more comfortable working with people with whom they share many commonalities such as language or nationality. But today, that is insufficient; business requires people to work with others who come from many different backgrounds. In a 2010 conference in Bahrain, it was reiterated that working effectively in teams is a skill that direly needs to be developed among Arab workers. The inability to work as part of a team is causing people to leave their jobs and causing companies to lose millions of dollars in employee turnover. Mark Andrews, MENA regional director for the company that organized the conference, Ed excel, said that, “Attitude and in-work behaviors play a crucial role in building a long term relationship between and employers. Key skill gaps exist in the areas of leadership, teamwork, innovation and creativity.” Among the other skills that were found lacking is the ability to resolve conflict in a team environment.

            Many companies in the Arab region have understood this problem and are taking measures to overcome it. The Saudi telecommunication company, Mobily, was the first company to receive the Dale Carnegie “Leadership Award” in HR. Among the reasons for such an award were Mobily’s ability to instill a culture based on values of openness, respect, energy, and progressiveness. Mobily was credited for its ability to foster an environment of teamwork and a unified culture that governed their business operations. In its annual report Mobily was very in the importance of teamwork for its success.” Management experts often stress the value of teamwork” but at Mobily we go a step further: we are a family” where members work together, help each other, and share a common goal. More than any single factor, this deep-rooted culture of cooperation and mutual support has contributed to the outstanding progress that Mobliy has made in a relatively short space of time.

            Our people feel they belong; they feel appreciated; and consequently they are committed to successfully implementing their operational responsibilities. “Such emphasis on teamwork has helped the company become one of the leading telecommunication companies in the region.

Explain why teamwork in Arab companies is more challenging. Discuss alternatives and propose recommendations that administrators should take to make teams building and work more productive.


This question belongs to management and discusses about teamwork challenges in Arab companies.

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