Case Study: Volunteer Water Metering in the City of Richmond


Case Study: Volunteer Water Metering in the City of Richmond. Please refer to the case study in the PDF document attached.

The case study, “Volunteer Water Metering in the City of Richmond” is attached. Mark Smith and the Neptune technology Group are excited at the opportunity to engage fresh opinions on a pressing issue facing their business at that time. “We need fresh, critical ideas”, they said, “someone who can do a good analysis of the serious issues that faces us. We also need someone to give us perspective on what is a really pressing issue, and that we need to take a critical decision on very soon”. They presented you with the case, and invited you to make a very short presentation to them at a strategic management meeting in December. They also asked you to ensure that you stick rigorously to the following guidelines:

1. Therefore, we are asking you to make a PowerPoint presentation, and you must NOT use more than 12 slides, one of which is your title slide. So what you will submit as your assignment is a PowerPoint presentation consisting of no more than 12 slides, with the first slide being your title slide, with your name and student number on it.

2. Please use bullet points to address the main issues, and short, incisive, quantitative analysis where you think this is necessary.

3. Please restrict your discussion and presentation to the strategic marketing issues that you see as critical in the case. You will also need to identify the critical decisions we need to take, and suggest which alternative you regard as best.

 4. Don’t feel you have to be “nice” to us – tell it like you see it! Be as critical or as positive as you like – we want to learn from your presentation


The case study in Marketing, is about a company called Neptune Technology Group, which is facing an issue with volunteer water metering. The case study is enclosed along with the question. You need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation about the issue. The solution in the form of PPT presentation is also attached with the case study.

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