Case Study Staffroom Furniture from JF Williams Co Ltd


Case Study: Please find the case study: Staffroom Furniture from JF Williams Co Ltd in the attached PDF document. The report must be based on drawn examples from the case study (C/S) provided to:

•    Explain and evaluate a model of marketing planning (eg Kotler, McDonald, Smith)
•    Discuss the role and importance of marketing information to inform marketing decisions
•    Suggest and justify a (different) primary research technique for each of three of the research questions raised within the C/S
•    Discuss SWOT/TOWS analysis, drawing on the C/S to illustrate how they inform strategic options (do not conduct additional research: the case study contains all key data)
•    Compare and evaluate the key segmentation/targeting/positioning (STP), market competitiveness and growth strategies available to the C/S organisation
•    Explain why and illustrate how each element of differentiated marketing mixes (4/7Ps) might vary between the C/S’s business and consumer markets

This homework assesses the following module learning outcomes:

•    Develop and analyse a marketing mix appropriate for a given target market
•    Critically analyse the differences between business to consumer and business to business marketing
•    Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of alternative methods of data collection and analysis
•    Explore the questions that market research might be expected to address when key marketing decisions are being made


The case study belongs to Marketing and it is about a JF Williams Co Ltd which sells Staffroom Furniture. Related to the case study are few questions from marketing such as marketing mix, planning, SWOT Analysis, primary research techniques, etc have also been answered in the solution.

Total Word Count 2045


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