Case Study: Social Media: Strategies for Marketing Success


Case Study: Social Media: Strategies for Marketing Success

-    Who is the target market
   o    Who is the marketing plan tailored to? Who is the audience you are trying to reach?

-    Presence on social media sites

   o    How can Smallville leverage the power of social media to reach their goals? Note that you may pick and choose which establishments are the best match for various social media destinations.  IE, you wouldn’t use MySpace page for a Kayak rental company.

-    Communication of their brand message across platforms
   o    How can Smallville position itself as a brand?
   o    Create a consistent tagline or marketing theme that can be used in your communications

-    A viral element for getting the word out
   o    What is a tactic you can use to spread the word of what Smallville is doing?
   o    They need something that has a high “pass-along” rate to get people talking.

-    Tracking and reporting
   o    How will you measure success or know what is working and what is not? When you look back at your program a year later, what metrics can help you define success?

-    Include a line item section for how you will spend the $20,000 budget, showing what is spent on items such as design, production, supplies, prizes, advertising, etc..

Please find the Case Study in the PDF document attached along with the solution.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about the use of Social Media for effective marketing. The question is a case study about a social media expert settling in a small town named SmallVille to be away from the rush of BigCity. As a social media expert, you have taken up the responsibility of boosting about the pros of the town to the outside world through social media.

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