Case Study PV Technologies


Case Study: PV Technologies, Inc.: Were They Asleep at the Switch? By Frank Cespedes and Diane Badame.

Note: Please find the case study in the PDF document attached.

Offer Insight to PVT Executives

Presume that Salvatori and Rubenstein have asked for your advice in dealing with the situation described in the case.

Respond to the following questions:

1. i) How did PVT get into this situation?

ii) How have changes in buyer behavior, industry dynamics or other factors led to the situation faced by management?

iii) Is the situation merely a temporary “brush fire” or is it symptomatic of an important issue for PVT?  

Explain fully your position and be sure to include key considerations, evidence presented in the case and any assumptions that influence your position.

2.   What do you see as the significant, positive aspects of how PVT is managing its Business / Customers that would be useful in dealing with this situation?

3.   What specific actions would you recommend that management take to address the situation? Explain fully your rationale and how the effective implementation of your recommendations would create value for PVT’s customers and for PVT itself.

4.  i) What are the major risks associated with the recommendations that you propose?  
     ii) How would you propose that management mitigate risks that you’ve identified? Explain fully.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is a case study on PV Technologies which is a global leader in photovoltaic inverter technology. Various questions about the company’s present position have been answered in the solution in detail.

Total Word Count 2813

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