Case Study LifeSung Corporation CVP Analysis and Importance of Tax Calculation


Case Report: LifeSung Corporation

Having impressed Frank Chan with your analysis of product costs and activity-based costing, you have now been invited to attend the department managers meeting of the Electronics Division of LifeSung Corporation. “We need you there to help provide us with more information regarding some decisions we need to make,” said Frank when he invited to you to the meeting.

Note: Please find the whole case report in the downloaded solution.

A. How many units each of Advanced, Boosted and Custom are required to be sold in order for James Cook to meet his target? Explain the importance of tax on the calculation of the number of units required to be sold to earn that profit. What are the assumptions to be made for CVP analysis?
B. Should Plasma B be closed? Explain why or why not.
C. Should the Microcontroller Department accept the offer from APG Technology or should
they buy their own machine and produce controller 457 themselves?

Justify all your answers with computations that are shown in the appendix of your report.

Total Word Count 1666

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