Case Study in Strategic Plan Adelphi Art Centre


The Case Study

Adelphi is situated in a large regional centre about 100 kms from the capital city. It has a population of 150,000 in the regional city itself and the surrounding area, predominantly rural, accounts for a further 20,000 people. Adelphi is home to a large regional campus of a well-known university and has some 3,000 students living on site. The university offers performing arts courses, visual arts and communications courses as well as horticultural courses. 


The city, like many regional areas, has a culturally diverse population: 20% of the population are first or second generation Australians. Of these, 8% are from Italian speaking background, 4% from Spanish speaking backgrounds and 3% from Arabic speaking backgrounds. Chinese Australians have lived in the area for many years (since the mid 19th century gold rushes) and form a substantial part of the population (5%). A small Aboriginal community lives nearby and members of this community earn their living predominantly from working on properties. Some also produce souvenirs and small craft items which are sold in the regional city. The surrounding area has some significant environmental attractions successfully marketed to an increasing number of tourists by the local Tourist Office.




Table of Contents

Part 1: Situational Analysis  

1.1. Analysis and Evaluation of the Problem   

1.1.1. Strengths evaluation  

1.1.2. Weakness evaluation  

1.1.3. Opportunities Evaluation  

1.1.4. Threats Evaluation 

1.2. Options Analysis for the Way Forward  

1.3 Identification of stakeholders, potential partnerships and how these will work based on SWOT  

1.4. Review of Human Resources 

Part 2: Setting New Culture- Vision and Mission 

2.1. Vision and Mission Statements for the organisation  13

2.1.1. Vision Statement13

2.1.2. Mission Statement13

2.2. Aims/Goals of the Organisation  13

2.2.1. Aim   13

2.2.2. Goals  13

Part 3: Strategic Plans  14

Core Activities  14

3.1. Goals and Objectives for performing and visual arts programs  14

3.1.1. Goals  14

3.1.2. Objectives  14

3.2. Goals and Objectives for partnership and Business Development14

3.2.1. Goals  14

3.2.2. Objectives  14

Ancillary Activities  15

3.3. Goals and Objectives for bookshop/café/other15

3.3.1. Goals  15

3.3.2. Objectives  15

Human Resources Management Plan  15

3.4. Staffing  15

3.5. Communication Systems  16

Part 4: Capacity of the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives  16

4.1. Identification of sources of program funding  16

4.2. Identification of sources of public funding  16

4.3. Identification of sources for private and/or entrepreneurial funding  16

4.4. Evaluation and control mechanisms  17

References  18

Appendices  20

1. SWOT  20

1.1. Strengths  20

1.2. Weaknesses  20

1.3. Opportunities  20

1.4. Threats  21

2. Organisation structure  21

3. Board Audit and recommendations  21

4. Position descriptions for two staff positions  22

4.1. Artistic Director22

4.2. Cafe Manager22

The assignment in finance management is a case study on strategic plan or strategic planning. The case study is about Adelphi Art Cemtre in Adelphi, Australia. Adelphi Art Centre has been one of the city’s active boasters of arts and culture. Several times it received awards for its cultural and artistic presentations. But now the takers of art have been decreasing and the earnings of Adelphi Art Centre has also decreased. The strategic plan has been formulated to overcome these problems and hence it is a marketing plan as well as a financial plan for Adelphi Art Centre.

Total word count is 4017

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