Case Study: Ford Motor Company Aligned Business Framework


Case Study: Ford Motors Aligned Business Framework (ABF)

  • What are the implications for the change in Supply Chain strategy on Ford Motor Company's operations? How easy a task will it be to make this change?
  • How does a change from conventional relationship with supply based to Aligned business framework will impact the suppliers?
  • is it reasonable to expect an improvement in Ford-supplier relation immediately after implementation of Aligned business framework?
  • Should Tony Brown commit to a 10 percent reduction in prices from suppliers? Do you think this target is achievable? if so, how can he achieve this?

Please refer to the PDF document for the case study.


The case study belongs to Operations Management, particularly to Supply Chain Management. The case study is from Ford Motors on Aligned Business Framework. Ford is known for setting up long term relations with strategic suppliers. The terms of the agreement with suppliers are also very clear with regards to entry and exit from the contract. Ford devised a new business plan called the Aligned Business Framework, according to which the transactions and data within the transactions would be very clear. The solution has more details regarding the case study.

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