Case Study Fiona Stanley Hospital


Case Study: Fiona Stanley Hospital (2010)

A. List briefly up to THREE (3) separate diverse pieces of evidence of project management good-practice or problems within the case study for each of any Five (5) of the following nine (9) project management processes: Integration; Scope; Time; Cost; Quality; Human Resource ; Communication ; Procurement ; Risk  So, you are limited to 3 examples for each of 5 project management processes i.e maximum of 15 examples, totalling

The aim is for you to forensically analyse the case study and identify and record what project management good-practice/problems exist. This should engender an integrative awareness of the many project management processes that occur in one project. An example of the style of answer is:

PM            GOOD PRACTICE / PROBLEM       
SCOPE      Inadequate scope definition due to time pressure       
COST        Ignorance of the  need for life cycle costs in business case decisions     

B. Select TWO examples only of good-practice/problems from your answer in Part A above, one each from a separate project management process. For each of these two examples

i.    Description– Briefly describe the good-practice /problem (200 words for each example)
ii.    Analysis-
a.    If good-practice, explain why it is good practice.
b.    If a problem, suggest what should have been done.

To support your answers for each example, you must refer to at least two academic references (your lecture notes would be a good place to start, but you should search Gecko, & Google Scholar) (800 words for each good-practice problem)


The question belongs to Corporate Strategy and it is a case study on Fiona Stanley Hospital. The project management for the construction of this hospital has been given as a case study. The aim of this case study is to understand the problems and good practices that have gone into the construction of the hospital.

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