Case Study Casanova Food Corp On Falling Sales


Case Study: Casanova Food Corp.

Note: Please refer to the PDF document attached for the case study.


1.    Mos was not resting easy. He sat back and pondered. Where DID he stand with this new line? What might have gone wrong? Why were sales below expectation? He had a limited advertising budget for FC’s to build brand awareness, and at least THAT was at media levels similar to that in the test market, but his ad budget was now almost totally spent. He knew that Casanova Foods would carry no products that sold less than $3 Million/ flavor per year. Were FlavorCentres going to make the cut?

2.    What is the situation? Root Cause or Causes?

3.    What factors did Mos take into account in his situation analysis? What else should he be taking into consideration or questioning? What additional information should he be looking for or looking at? What do you think of the quality of input that he is getting?

4.    What would you have done differently as Mos? Will FlavorCentres be successful? Why or why not? You have plenty of data: get your hands dirty!

5.    Note some advantages & disadvantages of Casanova Foods’ strategies & methods; give specific examples.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about a case study on Casanova Food Corp. The case study discusses about drop in the sales of a particular waffles. Various questions about this have been answered in the solution in detail.

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