Case Study: Bill Miller & Value Trust


Case Study: Bill Miller & Value Trust

Assessment name:Technical Report

Description: The case study will combine elements of problem solving as well as requiring students to make a series of recommendations to the client.

Length/Duration:Maximum of 2,500 words

Formative or Summative:Formative and Summative

  1. How well has Value Trust performed in recent years?
    1. What benchmarks are you using?
    2. How do you measure investment performance?
    3. What does good performance mean to you?
  2. What might explain the funds performance?
    1. Investment strategy (lowest average cost wins, high intrinsic values, contrarian perspective, long-view)
  3. How easy will it be to sustain Bill Miller’s historical performance?
  4. What role do portfolio managers play?
    1. Fundamental Vs. Technical?
    2. Active Vs. Passive?
    3. Performance of funds?
  5. What is capital markets efficiency?
    1. Implications for investment performance?
  6. Compare Bill Miller with other “Super Investors” i.e. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, etc.
  7. What is your recommendation regarding investment with/in Value Trust?
    1. Why do you recommend?
    2. Why don’t you recommend?
    3. Who are you recommending / not recommending it for?


The assignment is in finance and it is a case study about Bill Miller Value Trust. Bill Miller Value Trust is regarded as one of the very successful mutual funds in history. Constant success of Bill Miller Value Trust is an indication of a strategy behind it as it withstood bull markets during 1990s and the bear market in the early 2000. Various questions such as the Value Trust’s performance over the years, the role of portfolio managers in the fund, capital market efficiency and recommendations to the Value Trust are answered in the solution.

Total word count is 3139

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