Case Study Analysis: The China Syndrome: Cultural Misunderstandings Can Lead To Marketing Failures


Case Study: The China syndrome: Cultural misunderstandings can lead to marketing failures”

Read the case study and answer the questions.


1. From your reading of the case study, what do you consider the single most important error made by ScanCRM in its failure to appreciate Chinese business culture?

2. What alternative strategies and approaches could the company have considered employing when launching its product into China?

3. Discuss the four ‘fundamentals’ of Chinese business culture. Can you identify examples of these factors in your own culture’s business practices? Is there a general attitude that a company could adopt to ensure that it respects these fundamentals in any context, not necessarily just an Asian one?

4. The case study identified a number of broad cultural and business factors that could impact on conducting business in China. Consider some of the other consumer behaviour factors you have considered in this course (such as motivational factors, status concerns, perceptual issues). How might they also differ in other cultures?

5. Undertake research to identify some specific Chinese regional differences, in addition to the broad cultural differences identified in the case.

6. Select a country with a different cultural background to your own. Imagine you are the CEO of a company wishing to expand your market offerings into that country.Develop a ‘cultural competency’ report, outlining some of the differences in cultural and business practices that could assist or constrain your expansion. Compare your report with a report in the same region completed by someone else. Did you both identify similar issues? Are there major areas that you have neglected?



The question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about the case study “The China syndrome: Cultural misunderstandings can lead to marketing failures” and answers the questions given about the case study.

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