Case Study Analysis Tanglewood Employee Satisfaction


Case requirements:
1.    Conduct an analysis of information contained in Tanglewood employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews to determine which factors are likely to lead to premature employee separations.
2.    Use information provided in the case to determine if the turnover is functional or dysfunctional for Tanglewood as a whole
3.    Suggest additional forms of information that Tanglewood might want to collect from their employees to improve their understanding of the turnover situation.
4.    Describe concrete steps Tanglewood might take to reduce employee turnover.

Case Objectives

Voluntary turnover is the final stage of the employment relationship. When voluntary turnover occurs, employees who have been screened, selected, socialized, and trained in the organization depart despite the organization’s attempts to keep them. This clearly can be a considerable problem for an organization, since all the costs associated with staffing a new employee now must be incurred again for a new employee. However, voluntary turnover is not always a negative event. When an individual who has a poor productivity profile, negative attitudes towards the job and organization, and superior alternatives elsewhere leaves, it can be a positive outcome for the organization and the (former) employee.  
In this case you will review information related to turnover in managerial positions for Tanglewood and determine whether managerial turnover is more likely to be a positive or negative event for this organization. You will also use the techniques described in your textbook to develop suggestions for Tanglewood so that they can ensure that they are retaining the employees that they want to keep to the greatest degree possible.

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The case study belongs to Human Resources Management and it is about employee satisfaction at workplace in Tanglewood. The employee satisfaction is based on surveys and exit interviews. This study has been conducted to know about the factors leading to premature or voluntary retirement of employees.

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