Case Study Analysis on Workplace Health Safety and/or Accident


Write a case study analysis of a health and safety accident in work place in New Zealand. The write-up should cover the structure/guideline below within 1000 words.
•    Introduce the case to be solved – define it and describe it briefly.
•    Analyze all parts of the case
•    Identify different views of the case and /or different attitudes towards the issue (case)
•    Make connections by doing some research into
•    What other people say about the issue and
•    What they consider the best solution to the issue: try the internet and / or library, and maybe talk to staff and/or people in industry
•    Come to a conclusion and explain how the evidence you have examined influenced your judgment.
•    Commit to action. Outline what could be done next as a result of your conclusion. This could be in the form of an action plan, and it could involve further investigation.


The question belongs to Human Resource Management and it is about a case study related to workplace related health or accident in New Zealand. The case study is from the organization House Movers (Rotorua) Limited where one of the workers fell from the height of 4 meters and suffered tibia and fibula fractures in his right leg. The company was fined for neither setting up standards, harnesses, nor informing nor training their employees and had to pay compensation to the suffered employee.

Total Word Count 1124


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