Case Study Analysis Highways Agency UK


This case study is about The Highways Agency which is responsible for England’s strategic road network spread throughout 9400 KM or 5481 miles. Highways Agency is a government agency working under the Department for Transport. Highways Agency’s priorities are to

•    Continue to maintain the network in good condition to ensure that it is safe and available for use.
•    Maximize performance from the existing network.
•    Improve the network where necessary.

During the late 1990s, the UK Government organized Better Quality Services Review (BQSR) program and Highways Agency underwent a review of performance of its activities.


The question belongs to Operations Management, particularly under Total Quality Management. The question is a case study is Business Improvement Strategies in Highways Agency.  As per the case study, the Highways Agency underwent a review which brought out some critical areas of concern which include design and implementation of a business improvement strategy, evaluation of the framework of BQSR and Highways Agency dealing with contractors and subcontractors for future projects have been answered in the solution.

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