Case Study Analysis: Cochlear


Case Study: Cochlear

Please refer to the case study in the PDF document attached.

Question 1: Considering the above, search: (a) the publicly available IP registers of IP Australia; (b) one overseas registry of intellectual property rights, and (c) any other sources you consider appropriate, and comment on the extent that intellectual property controlled by Cochlear, either as an owner or a licensee contributes to and aligns with the achievement of any of the "Cochlear guiding principles".

Question 2: Based on the evidence you have obtained in answering Question 1 and any other relevant sources, comment on the extent that you believe the Key Core Ingredients discussed in class do or do not feature in Cochlear's IP management. To the extent that the above evidence and other resources are considered by you to be incomplete, you may make reasonable assumptions to fill in those gaps, but any assumptions must be clearly stated in your answer.

Question 3: Based on the Financial Report in Cochlear's Annual Report 2011, comment on the extent that you believe that the value of intellectual property controlled by Cochlear, either as owner or as licensee, is adequately reflected in those financial statements from an investor’s perspective.


These questions belong to Corporate Strategy and they are about a case study of an organization named Cochlear. The company is known for its innovative ideas, world class design, high-quality products and a dedicated life time support for its products. The annual reports, financial performance, etc are reviewed in the solution.

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