Case Study Analysis: Burger King In Japan: Return of the Whopper


Case Study Analysis: Burger King In Japan: Return of the Whopper (Kotler, P., Armstrong,  G., Ang, S.H., Leong, S.M., Tan C.T. & Yau O.H.M. (2009) Principles  of Marketing  - A Global Perspective,  Singapore:  Pearson. Company Case 10, pp. 277-279)  

You are required to answer the following:  
1.  How do Burger King’s marketing objectives and its marketing mix strategy affect its pricing decisions?
2.   Discuss the macro and micro-environmental factors that have affected the fast food industry in Japan over time. How have these macro and micro-environmental factors affected pricing decisions among hamburger chains?
3.   How does the nature of the Japanese fast food market and the demand for hamburgers affect Burger King’s marketing decisions?
4.   What general pricing approaches have the hamburger chains in Japan pursued?
5.   Do you think that Burger King will be able to succeed in Japan this time? What recommendations would you give to its management?


The case study belongs to Marketing and it is about Burger King in Japan from Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong’s Principles of Marketing, A Global Perspective. The case is about Burger King’s re-entry into the Japanese market in 2008. Burger King lost a price war in Japan to McDonald’s in 2001. This was due to the fact that Burger King’s prices were higher than those of McDonald’s and hence, it lost in the price war. But now, Burger King believes that times have changed and so does some of the Japanese consumers’ perception about paying a higher price for quality products.

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