Case Study - Airbus - Customer Strategy at Airbus


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  • What reasons did Boeing give for cancelling its development of the Super Jumbo?Why were these open to other interpretation?
  • What strategic weakness did Airbus face in terms of its customer strategy?
  • Is the airbus strategy driven by customers? or more by a sense of rivalry with Boeing?
  • To what extent do you accept the Airbus demand estimates? what are the implications of customer driven strategy?
  • Would you have supported the Airbus decision to proceed with the Super Jumbo?


The assignment in marketing is about Porter’s Five Force Model. The case study that has been given is about Airbus. Airbus is one of the forerunners in the aviation industry. Airbus is famous for its Jumbo Jets apart from regular commercial flights. The strategy of Airbus during late 90s and early 2000s to establish itself as one of the competitive aircraft manufacturer and competing against Boeing has been discussed in detail in the solution.

Total word count is 3828

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