Calculation Of Restaurant Capacity


Consider a community dining style restaurant such as Benihana of Tokyo.
Assumptions are as follows:

When you admit a customer to the bar, the customer is assured a seat in the bar for 30 minutes (15 minutes a drink, 2 drinks). Each dining table seats 8 people. As soon as a dining table is empty, a group of eight who have spent 30 minutes in the bar is assembled in the bar and is taken to the dining table by a hostess.
These 8 people spend 90 minutes at the dining table. Thus, if a group of 8 people start dinner at 6:30 PM, they will all be done at 8:00 PM.
Consider a steady state system. Assume that the restaurant is open for 24 hours.

Also assume:
(i) A large inventory of people who are eager to get in to the bar
(ii) There is no set up time lost in assembling 8 people in the bar or in the dining hall.
Answer the following questions. Assume steady state.
Design X: Restaurant Bar Space = 8 people
                 Dining Tables = 4
a. Restaurant Capacity (dinners served per day, day = 24hrs) = ?

Design V: Restaurant Bar Space = 16 people
     Dining Tables = 4

b. Restaurant Capacity (dinners served per day, day = 24hrs) = ?

The question belongs to Operations Management and it discusses about calculating restaurant and bar capacity with the above given details.

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