Calculation Of Operations Of Cookie Making Company


Cookie company is open for all day and night, 24 hrs. Enough demand exists to keep the cookie company busy 24 hrs.

Scenario 1
Assume you have:
(i)    One oven which can accommodate one tray of one dozen cookies at a time.
(ii)    Unlimited # of trays each of which can hold 1 dozen cookies.
(iii)    Unlimited # of bowls which can accommodate mixing of dough for up to 2 dozen
cookies at a time.
(iv)    Large counter space for cooling.
Assume that each customer orders 2 dozen unique cookies.
For example:
- Customer 1 (Cl) orders two dozens of chocolate chip.
- Customer 2 (C2) orders two dozens of mint.
- Customer 3 (C3) orders two dozens of peanut butter, etc.

Thus, an order consists of making 2 dozen cookies.
1. You: Mix dough according to customer's specifications, 6 minutes per order.
2. You: Spoon the dough, 2 minutes per dozen.
3. Place the tray in the oven, set the timer, and place the tray on the counter when it is baked
    (ignore the time required for these activities).
4. One dozen cookies take 10 minutes to bake in the oven.
5. Cookie Cooling: 5 minutes on the counter.
6. Bob, the Roommate: Packs and receives payment, 3 minutes per order
a.    Throughput time per order. T= _______ minutes?       
b.    Capacity per hr., R= ______ orders/hr.?

Scenario 2
Suppose that the oven can hold 2 trays of one dozen cookies each at a time. Rests of the assumptions are same as in Scenario 1.
c.    Throughput time per order. T= _____ minutes?       
d.    Capacity per hr., R= _______  orders/hr.?


The question belongs to Operations Management and it discusses about calculating the operations of a cookie making company that runs 24 hrs.

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