Calculation Of Opening Stock And Forward Requirement For 3 Months


You are one of the merchandisers working for a supermarket clothing business. You are responsible for the Accessory Division. You are required to complete fully the following planning pack for AW 2015:

Departmental KPIs

Category KPI plans for the Ladies Accessory department

Sales phasing for Ladies Accessory department

Colour Planning for Bags

WSSI Ladies Accessory Department

Enter calculations where shown

Where there is choice between 2 figures being a calculation (i.e. £sales or %mix) generally show percentages as the calculation

All numbers should be formatted appropriately to the column heading.

In addition to the spreadsheets you are required to complete a written summary of your planning proposals. The summary must be NO more than 1000 words & should highlight significant changes & your plans for key parts of the business.

You should focus on minimising risk whilst achieving growth

Your summary should use as evidence both LY information & your plans contained in your spreadsheets. Use figures as relevant, % mix, variance, cash sales, asp etc

You may make reference to external factors - trends, trading conditions however this should NOT be a focus of your summary.

Your summary should be in word - you do not need to comment on all spreadsheets - focus on what is important. You do not require an introduction or a conclusion but ensure you set the scene by referencing total KPIs.

The following are the KPIs that you must adhere to:

Total Divisional Sales for AW 2015 :                                                             11,800

Divisional Markdown for AW 2015:                                                              11.65%

FOR WSSI:                                                                           

The highlighted cells are the ones that should be completed                                                                        

Opening stock, forward requirement and OTB should only be calculated for the first 3 months as indicated by the highlights.



The question belongs to Accounting and it discusses about calculating opening stock and forward requirement for 3 months.

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