Calculation of Mode Variance and Standard Deviation for Alcohol-related Accidents by Youngsters


Dodgy Brothers Research Inc. have conducted a series of studies involving the characteristics of drivers who were involved in automobile accidents    in which there was property damage and the driver was found to have an illegal blood alcohol level. Other costs and relevant characteristics associated with these accidents have been included in this data set collected by Dodgy Brothers Research Inc.                

Use Excel functions from function wizard to calculate the following statistics:

A) COUNT (gender column)
C) 55th PERCENTILE (alcohol level column)
D) SAMPLE and POPULATION STANDARD DEVIATION (property damage column)    
E) MODE (people killed column)
F) VARIANCE (parents convictions column)                            

Note: For the data pertaining to the above problem, please refer to the Excel sheet attached.            


The question belongs to Statistics and it is about a study conducted on drivers under the influence of alcohol involved in automobile accidents. The calculations of interquartile range, 55th percentile, sample population and standard deviation, mode and variance have been calculated in the solution.

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