Calculate The Proportion of Accidents Involving Single Vehicle From List of Accidents


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a very visible group whose main focus is to educate the public about the harm caused by drunk drivers. A study was recently done that emphasized the problem we all face with drinking and driving. Five hundred accidents that occurred on a Saturday night were analyzed. Two items noted were the number of vehicles involved and whether alcohol played a role in the accident. The numbers are shown below:

   Number of Vehicles Involved
Did alcohol play a role?            1        2      3       
Yes                                        60    110    30    200       
No                                         40    215    45    300       
Total                                    100    325    75        

What proportion of accidents involved alcohol and a single vehicle?


This short answer question belongs to Statistics and it is about a study on accidents occurring due to drinking and driving. The proportion of drunken driving with single vehicle has been calculated.

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