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Calculate the Pressure and Velocities in the Flow System


Consider the flow system shown in the diagram and following additional information. The following are known values: all pipe segment lengths, the friction factors for all fittings, the pressure in the vapor space of D-10 1 and the pressure in the vapor space of D-102. Also known is the diameter of all pipe segments from D-101 to L-101 which is d1; the pipe diameter of the pipe segments from L-101 to Teel wbich is d2, and the diameter of the pipe segments from Teel to D-102 which is d3. Also the friction factor, f, for all pipe segments (vertical pipe segments are denoted by "H" and horizontal pipe segments are denoted by "L") and all elbows, which have the same friction factor, Kel. Also known is the pump efficiency, η,of pump L-101.

A) Set up an equation that solves for the velocity at the inlet to Teel in terms of known quantities. Do not make any simplifying assumptions such as "the height difference between D-101 and D-102 can be ignored". Solve this rigorously.
B) Set up an equation that can be used to determine if pump L-101 will have sufficient inlet pressure to avoid cavitation.
C) Assume that pump L-101 is shut off (no flow in the piping). Develop an equation for the pressure at outlet Nozzle Nz1.


The question belongs to Mechanical Engineering and the question is about flow systems where the pressure and vapor in the systems along with their velocities have to be calculated. Clear and concise calculations have been given in the solution in detail.

Note: The solution is in handwritten format


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