Business Response To Client’s Mail


Client Relations

Review the client correspondence below. Write written response to the client explaining the Company's response to his concerns.

Eurest Regional Manager,

I am sending this email to notify you that we are sending a certified letter canceling our contract
with Eurest services.

Eurest's performance over the past year in customer satisfaction has been poor. We are currently in the 49th percentile meaning that more than 50 percent of facilities in our ranking are doing a better job satisfying their customers than the stores operated by you. That is unacceptable performance for stores.

The supervisors and cleaners on site have worked hard; they achieved a very aggressive budget over the past 2 years during a time of cutbacks for the stores. However, the support at the corporate level from Eurest to improve customer satisfaction has been to say the least, limited.

After speaking with your supervisor and team members, they would like to stay in the community and with the facility. I have reviewed the contract and there is a 1 year buyout for their positions, in an effort to keep your relationship in this market, I would recommend that you waive this clause and provide them at no cost to the facility.

I have had conversation with our CEO and he is supportive of my decision; please do not contact him regarding this matter it will only make matters worse for you.

Kevin Rogers, VP of Facilities Services


The question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about writing a response mail to one of the clients of a business who is not very happy or concerned about the level of customer satisfaction of the company. A response to this mail has been given in the solution  

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