Business Report on Coca-Cola


Prepare a formal business report about a specific organization within an industry and the financial reporting and the accounting practices relevant to that firm. A detailed analysis of the regulatory environment of the firm, its capital structure, underlying tax system, financial reporting regulations, corporate governance structure, etc.

1.    Analyze the regulatory environment of the country in which the chosen organization is based, identifying the major elements and regulations that affect financial reporting and how this may differ from other countries.
2.    Analyze the selected organization in regards to capital structure and off balance sheet financing.
3.    Evaluate the tax system and major regulations affecting the chosen organization.
4.    Analyze the organization's use and reporting of intangible assets and financial instruments.
5.    Conduct a thorough financial statement analysis on the selected organization including some of the main ratios as well as the working.
6.    Analyze of the corporate governance structures of the chosen organization.
7.    Describe the organization's exposure to foreign currency exchange risk.
8.    Conclusion and any recommendations
9.    Also reference all sources and finding using the Harvard referencing system.


The question belongs to Corporate Strategy and it is about preparing a formal business report about an organization from a particular industry. The company chosen for this is Coca-Cola and various factors such as the regulatory environment it is present in, its capital structure, its tax system, etc are all discussed.

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