Belief of Social Egalitarians and Social Ethics Theory of Libertarians


1. Social egalitarians believe:

A. society should divide wealth based on each person's contribution.
B. the ends justifies the means.
C. society should provide each person with equal amounts of goods and services regardless of the contribution each makes to increase society's wealth.
D. that if persons wish to act morally, they should emulate those in the society who always seem to do the right thing.

2. Which of the following best describes the Libertarian social ethics theory?

A. Libertarians believe it is just for society to take wealth earned by some citizens and distribute it to those who did not directly earn it but are in need.
B. Libertarians encourage social control over all people in order to design an equitable society.
C. The fact that some people end up with fortunes while others are poor proves only that social interference is necessary to justly redistribute wealth in certain circumstances.
D. Libertarians stress market outcomes as the basis for distributing society's rewards.


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The first question is about the belief of social egalitarians and the second question is about libertarians’ social ethics theory.

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