Application of branding behaviour by international marketers


1) Read the article in this link. The article has good insight into brands behavior. Explain how international marketers are currently using various branding techniques.
2) The table below provides data on several countries within the OECD group regarding distribution and population.  You are to play the role of an advisor to a client.  Your client is a major Brazilian shoe manufacturer, specializing in women’s shoes in the mid-fashion range.  That is, the shoes tend to be well made and stylish, but not very expensive in the marketplace.  This client has received the data and is asking for your comments and analysis on its plans to enter the European market.  Examine the table and write a brief essay explaining what the numbers probably mean and what impact they would have on a European distribution strategy.

Country                       No. of Retailers    Population (m)    Retailers per capita
Australia                     177,689                   19.91                            8.92
New Zealand                22,740                    3.99                             5.70
France                         427,352                  60.42                             7.07
Germany                     274,195                  82.42                            3.33
Italy                              703,570                   58.06                         12.12
Netherlands                 78,935                   16.32                           4.84
Spain                            531,113                  40.28                          13.19
Sweden                          57,494                     8.99                            6.40
Czech Republic           134,025                  10.25                         13.08
Slovakia                             4,522                     5.42                           0.83
United Kingdom           200,572                  60.27                          3.33
United States                618,042                293.03                           2.11

3. The article below is gleaned from a website – the citation is at the top of the article with the author.  Using all the materials available through the course, prepare an essay that discusses the author’s main point in the context of International Marketing.  In particular, discuss the data presented in the table and how that will impact the strategy of companies engaged in International Marketing.


These questions belong to Marketing and they are about branding behavior and how branding behavior is used by international marketers in the development of brand image. Recent developments such as mobile internet is having a great impact on online shopping and hence, many marketers are looking towards online and particularly, mobile marketing. The solution has more details.

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