Antivirus Available For Macintosh, Windows And Linux


Conduct research on vendors and open-source solutions that provide antivirus software for the three operating systems at MWS: Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Prepare a paper of 2–3 pages that includes a recommendation for third-party tools for MWS. The paper should include the following:

·    Analyze and recommend two antivirus solutions that can be used on all 3 operating systems. Compare and contrast the features of each product, and make a recommendation about which should be used by MWS.
·    Describe what scanning and vulnerability assessment tools are and what they are used for. Recommend a tool (or 2) that can be used to scan a host to determine the open ports and identify any known vulnerabilities.
·    Explain the reasons for your recommendation. Recommendations should be supported by the research.
·    Use at least 2 credible sources in your research, and properly cite them in APA format.


The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses about conducting research about the vendors and open-source solutions that provide antivirus softwares for three operating systems including Mactintosh, Windows and Linux.

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