Annotated Bibliography: Starting a Crime Victim Assistance Program


Annotated Bibliography

You will assume the role of a person who has been a victim of crime and who wants to develop a victim assistance program. To begin this process, research must be conducted to develop resources to be used in developing the proposal and business plan.

1. Identifying a minimum of 5 scholarly and professional sources. (Note: These sources are generally found in library references.
2. For each source, respond to the following questions: a. Why is the author creditable (based on academic/research, credentials, experience with victim services, etc.) b. What does this article say regarding crimes, victims and/or victim services? (Brief article summary) c. How does this article compare with the other articles I have selected? d. How will this article assist me in my efforts to develop a victim assistance program?
3. Compose your Annotated Bibliography


The question belongs to Law and it is an annotated bibliography. The topic is about assuming the position of a victim of crime and starting a victim assistance program. To begin this process, research has been conducted and business plan and proposal has to be prepared. In order to do this, scholarly references have been used and the articles have been reviewed.

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