Analyze The Factors Determining The Salaries Of Catwalk Models


Complete Smart Alex's Task #1 on p. 262 to perform a multiple regression analysis using the Supermodel.sav dataset from the Field text. You can follow the steps outlined on pp. 205–207 as a guide.

Report your findings in APA format according to the guidelines according to the following guidelines:

1.  State the underlying assumptions for the statistical test.

2.  State whether the assumptions have been met.  If the assumptions were not met (either in actuality or hypothetically), state what alternatives you have available to you.

3.  State the null and alternative (research) hypotheses.

4.  Copy your syntax file and paste it into your MS Word Document.

5.   For your output file: Select all ïƒ  Copy all objects ïƒ  Paste into your MS word document. This will ensure that your output is in a form that your instructor can read.

6.  Create a results table consistent with requirements from the APA style manual.

7.  Report the results using correct APA format.

a.    For Multiple Regression models, ensure that you include appropriate measures of model fit as well as the specific procedure used (e.g., Hierarchical, Enter, Stepwise, Forward, Backward).

8.  Describe how you would compute the sample size to achieve 80% power, alpha = .05, and the appropriate effect size.



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about an analysis of predictors that determined the salaries of catwalk models. For this analysis, data in .sav files has been given.

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