Analysis Of IMC Brand Campaign – Apple’s iPad 2


Individual Project Assignment

Evaluating Existing IMC Creative

Choose a popular consumer brand that you believe uses an Integrated Marketing approach. The advertising for this brand should include both traditional (tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, out of home) and non traditional media (new – electronic, social media, events, public relations etc) and possibly promotional initiatives.

Evaluate this IMC brand campaign by answering a series of questions below. . Before you begin research and evaluate the effective use of Traditional and Non-Traditional media, E-active and Alternative and digital media.

Refer to your textbook/class notes as a reference to clarify/reinforce, marketing terminology, principles and theory.

Websites/blogs/newspapers/magazines/articles will help you discover ‘key insights’, conclusions and recommendations.  Recommend searching articles in online publications outlined ion class – Marketing magazine, Strategy Online, Adweek, Ad Age – see Resources file on Blackboard)

Prepare a comprehensive, professional, business document answering all the questions below.

The value for each question is indicated.

Remember to cite sources.

Length: It’s the quality not quantity. Answer all of the questions to the point. For students still wondering how long it should be then no more than 8-10 pages!!! Answer each question effectively!


APPLE IPAD 2                                                    

1.  Evaluate the IMC Campaign in terms of how well it is/was executed.

a) A message strategy is a simple description and explanation of an ad campaign’s overall creative approach.  In the campaign that you have selected - What is the Message Strategy, What is the Appeal Technique, and Creative Execution (Executional Framework).  (10 Marks)

b) The Benefit Statement is the heart of the creative strategy. What is the key Benefit Statement?  What is the Support Statement? (10  Marks)

c) In your own words, describe the ‘consumer insight’ that might have led to the ‘big idea’. If you don’t feel there is a big idea state why.  (10  Marks)

2.  Strategy Check

a) Determine the Brand’s ‘Positioning Strategy’ from what the ads say and how they say it?  Explain your point of view.(10 Marks)

b)  Identify the what you believe is the problem or challenge the advertising is trying to solve?  (10 Marks)


3.Evaluate the campaign in terms of its effectiveness, freshness, and the use of alternative media.   Remember to support your answer with visuals not URL’s

a) Summarize how the campaign effectively integrates the message throughout all the mediums used – advertising, promotion, alternative and digital communications

Comment on the theme/tone/style – do you think it works well in all the various media. (20 Marks) Provide specific examples.

b)  Is the Web site a natural extension of the IMC campaign? (10 Marks)

Explain your observations.


d) Compare and contrast the campaign to the #1 competitor or another significant brand in the category.   Since both brands are trying to reach and influence the same target audience, which brand campaign has more impact on consumers?  In your opinion, which style of advertising is more effective? (Briefly summarize the message strategy, appeal technique and executional framework of the competitor’s ad)  (10 Marks)

Support your answer with visuals (black & white) of the two campaigns.



The assignment in marketing is related to Integrated Marketing. The product of concern here is iPad 2. An analysis of iPad 2 TVC shows its utility as a multi-touch device which is easy to carry anywhere and does a variety of jobs ranging from office, business and entertainment purposes. The solution gives a detailed account about how Apple started its marketing campaign for iPad2.

Total word count is 2260

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