Algorithm for Optional Character Recognition


Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process is the process of translating an image (or video) of text into machine encoded text. OCR algorithms typically work well when applied to clear images in which contain only text, but can struggle where the image contains elements other than text or when the image is noisy. As such, image processing techniques can be applied to images in order to better prepare them for OCR. In this assignment, you will design and investigate the performance of an algorithm for preparing images for OCR. You will apply this algorithm in an application context of your choice. You will be required to:

  • Conduct personal research to choose a potentially suitable algorithm for document image preparation.
  • Implement your chosen algorithm in Matlab and apply it to a set of test images.
  • Analyse the results (either subjectively or objectively) of applying your chosen algorithm and draw conclusions from them. While it is expected that your algorithm will improve the performance of OCR in comparison to applying OCR to unprepared images, it is not expected that your algorithm will allow OCR to perfectly recognise all characters in all test images.

You will report on this work in the style of an academic paper, making clear your experimental methodology and your results and conclusions.


This question belongs to Matlab and discusses about optional character recognition algorithms.

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