Advice for Enterprise Cafe Over Pizza Oven



Your Café has now been operating for 12 months and you decide to have a first-year anniversary party called “TREKKY CELEBRATION” You have invited 100 people and have asked them all to dress as their favourite character.

The special drink of the party is the “To Boldly Go” cocktail which contains a high quantity of alcohol. Yourself and Adam (the two directors) have been served a lot of the cocktail by Donna and are quite intoxicated. You have been able to still talk to the guests but you are both swaying on your feet. Seamus has been with you all night and has not consumed any alcohol at all.

Seamus runs an Italian restaurant that has not been doing very well. He says to you and Adam, “I think you should make pizzas here, and I have just the pizza oven for you. You can have it for $5,000.” You and Adam reply, “Yes, we accept your great big fat oven, you big Irish Italian guy” and then you both fall over onto the floor due to intoxication, laughing.

The next morning a small electric pizza oven is delivered from Seamus’ Italian Restaurant with an invoice for $5000. You have a very bad hangover and very little recollection of anything that was said the night before.

Advice Enterprise Café if a valid contract has been made.


This question belongs to management and discusses about Trekky Celebration, first-year anniversary celebration of Star Trek Enterprise Café.

Word count: 480


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