Addressing Learning Disabilities


Project involves organizing information into a resource file that will be especially helpful to you in addressing one or more topics. These topics can be anything around which you would like to have information that is more current. Some examples include how to deal with problem behavior, how to access the government benefits to which you are entitled, how to help your child make friends, how to help your extended family and friends understand the nature of your child’s special needs, or how to prepare a church school program to accommodate to your child’s special needs. Again, the topic can be whatever is important to you—it does not need to be restricted to this list alone.  The student will respond to your priorities for topics and for the type of information (research, stories from other families, books and manuals, tips sheets) that you would find most helpful.

1.      Choose five topics that relate to your chosen family and/or your current school assignment.
2.      For those five topics, find five different sources of information regarding the topic.
a. You may use web sites from organizations, school districts, etc. You may not use Wikpedia or similar sources. For example, if choosing the topic of behavioral issues, Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders would be an appropriate web site.
b. Include specific information about the web site such as the purpose and history of the organization, and the URL must be included.
c. Each of those five different sources must include 4-5 specific examples of how this is applicable.

Five different topics were chosen
Five different sources were listed
Sources Information
Purpose, history, and URL were included for all five sources
Application to Classroom


This exercise belongs to Sociology, particularly to learning disabilities. This exercise is about how to prepare an information and resource catalogue which can be used by teachers and parents to know more about learning disabilities of children and how to facilitate them. Things such as Identifying children with learning disabilities, Social or emotional challenge of learning disabilities, How to respond to learning disabilities, Educational Options for Students with Learning Disabilities and Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade signs of an Learning Disability. The solution has detailed and step by step information, resources and classroom application.

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