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Calculation Of Compounded Monthly Interest For Accounts Overdue

Question CompuSystems was supposed to pay a manufacturer $19,000 four month ago and another $14,000 two months from now. CompuSystems is proposing to pay $10,000 today and the balance in 5 months, when it will receive payment on the major sale to the provincial government. What will the payment be ... Read More

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Calculation Of Principal Balance And Compounded Monthly Interest For Mortgage Loan

Question A $40,000 mortgage loan charge interest at 9.75% compounded monthly for a 4 year term. Month payments were calculated for a 15 year amortization 1. What will be the principal balance at the end of the first term? 2. What will the monthly payment be on renewal for a 3 year term if it is c ... Read More

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Calculation Of Semi-Annually Compounded Government Bond

Question A $1000, 8.5% coupon, 2 year Government of Canada bond was issued on June 1, 1986.   At what price died it sell on April 27, 1990 if the markets required return was 11.2% compounded semi-annually?   Summary The question belongs to Accounting and it discusses about calcula ... Read More

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Calculation Of Quarterly Compounded Loan

Question A City can borrow $400,000, at 8% compounded quarterly or can issue $400,000 of bonds paying interest at 4% compounded quarterly. By law the City must create a sinking fund to retire the bonds at the end of 20 years. If the sinking fund earns 8% compounded quarterly, which is cheaper- gett ... Read More

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Taking Buying Decision With Cost Of Capital

Question The timber rights to a tract of forest can be purchased for $90,000. The harvesting agreement would allow 25% of the timber to be cut in each of the first, second, fourth and fifth years. The purchaser of the timber rights would be required to replant, at its expense, the logged areas in Y ... Read More

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Calculate Equivalent Units And Cost Per Equivalent Unit

Question Badgersize Company has the following information for its Forming Department for the month of August:       Work in Process Inventory, August 1: 20,000 units            Direct materia ... Read More

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Write A Review On Audit Activities Assessing Material Misstatement

Question Your firm is the auditor of Easy Hire Pty Ltd (Easy Hire).the company hires out equipment to industries such as construction, engineering & event management. It has 76 branches nationwide, with its head office located in Sydney. Each branch has designated amount of stock for hire. The ... Read More

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Discuss About Firms Adopting Never Change Policy During Fiscal Year

Question The empirical evidence reveals that very few firms change their standard prices and standard quantities during the fiscal year. Most firms have the following policy, “We set our standards before the fiscal year begins and we NEVER, NEVER change them during the year (except when we ha ... Read More

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Calculate Total Purchase Price Using Standard Cost System

Question The standard cost sheet call for 80 pounds of zinc per batch of 70 faucets. Zinc has a standard price of $5.10 per pound. One thousand pounds of zinc are purchased for $5,530. Ten batches of the faucets are produced, and 840 pounds of zinc are used. There was no beginning zinc inventory. A ... Read More

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Calculate Historical Cost Of Material Purchased In Last Month

Question Flower City Cartridges (FCC) manufactures replacement cartridges for desktop printers. FCC uses standard costs within a job order cost system. In June, FCC purchased 18 gallons of blue ink for $385.20 and produced the following four different cartridge jobs using the blue ink (and other in ... Read More

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Evaluation Of Employee Performance

Question Ed Koehler started Great Southern Furniture five years ago to assemble prefabricated bedroom furniture for large hotel chains. Hotels purchase furniture (beds, night stands, and chests of drawers) from manufacturers who ship the furniture to the hotels unassembled. Koehler sends a site sup ... Read More

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Preparation Of Performance Report

Question Software Associates (SA) is a computer software consulting firm that specializes in designing and implementing integrated marketing database warehousing programs. Humphrey Catalog is a client. In preparing its bid for Humphrey, SA estimates its total labor cost for this project to be $222, ... Read More

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