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Tax Issues in Acquiring a Cypriot Company

Question A Greek tax resident individual entrepreneur (software engineer) considers acquiring 100% of the shares of a Cypriot company, established under Cypriot law, whose registered seat is in Limassol. The accounting books of the Company are currently kept in Cyprus by a local accounting firm and ... Read More

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Planning Materiality and Tolerable Misstatement

Question In this mini-case you will determine planning materiality as well as tolerable misstatement amounts for balance sheet accounts of EarthWear Clothiers, Inc. While many auditing firms use a simple approach for establishing planning materiality and tolerable misstatement similar to the one il ... Read More

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Preliminary Analytical Procedures for a Company

Question In this mini-case you will complete the preliminary analytical procedures for the audit of EarthWear Clothiers, Inc. Note: Refer to attached Excel sheet for required data   Summary: This question is related to a mini-case and discusses about planning materiality and preliminary ana ... Read More

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Cost Variance Analysis of a Company

Question Cold Stone Creamery is the producer of specialized ice cream products. The Company uses a standard cost process for determining what its products should cost. The company product engineers develop standards for materials, labor and overhead cost and quantities. Based upon these standards t ... Read More

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Business Expansion Decisions and Calculation of its Return on Assets

Question In the past, Khatri Foods has expanded to more than 200 stores, 80% of which are franchised.  Two of the company-operated units, Northside and Southside, are among the fastest-growing stores.  Both are considering expanding their menus to include pizza.  Purchase and install ... Read More

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Compute the Amount of the Bonus Based on Residual Income

Question A divisional manager receives a bonus based on 8.0% of residual income from the division. During the current year, the division reported revenues of $2,000,000. The division has a variable cost ratio of 40%, operating leverage of 3.0 and asset turnover of 1.0. The required rate of return f ... Read More

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Compute Throughput Time and Delivery Cycle Time of a Company

Question During the most recent month at Coggan Corporation, queue time was 5.3 days, inspection time was 0.5 days, process time was 1.9 days, wait time was 4.5 days and move time was 0.5 days. Required: Compute the following: Throughput time Manufacturing cycle efficiency (MCE) Percentage o ... Read More

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Compute the Minimum Price a Product would be Accept to Sell Product to the HI-FI Division

Question Audio Systems Inc. (ASI) has a division, Quality Speakers that produces a speaker that is used by manufacturers of various audio equipment products. The division has a capacity of 40,000 units and is currently operating at 85% capacity. The speakers are currently priced at $46 per unit. Th ... Read More

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Compute Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Payback Period of a Company

Question EG Capital, Inc. acquired equipment 4 years ago at a cost of $4,000,000. At the time the old equipment was acquired the company estimated a residual value equal to 7% of the acquisition cost and a useful life of 6 years. The equipment has been depreciated using the straight-line method and ... Read More

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Financial Transactions and Effects of Economic Transactions

Question Assume that a group of physicians provided $500,000 in cash as start-up capital to initiate a community-based primary care clinic, Healthy Neighbor, Inc. in July 2003. 2. The clinic received $300,000 in unrestricted contributions from a community philanthropist 3. Office and medical equi ... Read More

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Prepare a Balance Sheet and Determine Net Assets

Question Zahrah recently graduated from KSAU-HS, CPHHI as a specialist in healthcare management. After realizing a huge demand for community health services, she decided to set up (along with two other colleagues) a HCO in Hail. The following table reflects the financial position of the clinic afte ... Read More

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Calculation of Total Overhead Costs

Question X Company incurred the following costs in 2015: Factory insurance                               $5,065 Customer service   & ... Read More

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