A Structured Report on Management Environment


Management Environment

Identify an organization which is of interest to you. This could be your own organization, one that you have worked for in the past or one which can readily be researched from existing materials. Prepare a structured report which addresses all the Parts listed below.

  • Set out the main “Business Transformation Process” of the organization by identifying inputs, outputs and the fundamental value-adding process. Consider and explain the extent to which there have been significant changes to the transformation process over time.
  • Identify the broad organizational structure of the organization and consider any advantages or disadvantages of this structure. Support your answer with an organogram or hierarchy chart.
  • Consider one of the functions of the organization (such as Marketing OR Operations OR Human Resource Management) and identify the key challenges facing a manager in charge of this function.
  • Identify two major factors in each of the organization’s PESTE elements (two Political factors, two Economic factors etc.). Describe how these influence the organization and conclude whether current conditions are helpful or harmful to the organization.
  • Select one of the management schools of thought (such as Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management OR Systems Theory OR Scientific Management etc.) and identify any elements which are present in the organization and consider evidence of aspects of this thinking in the organization’s planning AND/OR decision-making AND/OR strategy practices or processes.


The question belongs to Management. The question or the study is about Managing Environment of Business. For this study, the case of British Airways has been taken. Various issues in the organization such as business transformation processes, the hierarchy of the organization, key challenges in implementing one of the functions in the organization. Peste analysis with political and economic factors and Fayal’s management schools of thought have been discussed in the solution.

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