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It’s been years of research, development and field testing have resulted in the most extensive statistics and graphics database program specifically designed for the personal computing environment STATPRO provides the data analysis capabilities and flexibility that was previously available only on a large computer. Many researchers, business professionals and other data analysts have started using this program STATPRO. This program has certain features such as,

  • It is simple to use as, STATPRO doesn’t require any previous computer experience.
  • It has no special command language.
  • Single Keystrokes access all of the data manipulation, statistics and graphics power of STATPRO.

STATPRO allows easy access to its extensive numerical data capabilities. The strength of STATPRO is found in the functions of user friendly, men-driven database. STATPRO’s searching capabilities allow these functions to be performed on the data or on a user defined subset the data.

STATPRO offers a comprehensive collection of statistical procedures. The statistics components of STATPRO contain a multitude of procedures grouped into the following modules:

  • Descriptive:Contingency analysis, cross tabulation, normality tests, descriptive, comparative, range and non-parametric statistics.
  • Regression: Linear, non-linear, stepwise, multiple regressions, residual analysis and statistical matrices.
  • Analysis of Variance: Single and nested classifications, two and three way equal and unequal sample size and non-parametric ANOVA.
  • Time Series: Moving averages, multi-stage least squares, fitted polynomials and trig functions, additive and multiply forecasting.
  • Multivariate: Principle components, factors, orthogonal factor, oblique factor, pair,-weighted cluster, discriminate function, multiple contingency and canonical correlation analysis.

STATPRO provides graphic representation of your data in minutes. STATPRO graphics plot all the results of one’s STATPRO statistical analyses including scatter, triangle regression and box plots, pie-charts, histograms and den do-grams. With the help of STATPRO one can custom edit with any of four characters sets from the keyboard etc.

In fact, STATPRO software is essentially self-documenting, complete print documentation is provided. As, a result STATPRO currently runs on all versions of the Apple 2 personal computers and also will be available for IBM PC.

STATPRO Assignment Help

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