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Private Equity and Venture Capital Assignment & Homework Help Online

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Private Equity: Private Equity is that Equity Capital which is not quoted on a public exchange. Private Equity consists of investors and funds that make investments in private companies and conduct buyouts of public companies. Capital for private equity is raised from retail and institutional investors and can be used to fund new technologies, expand working capital within an owned company, make acquisitions or to strengthen balance sheet. 

The majority of private equity consists of institutional investors and accredited investors who can commit large sums of money for long periods of time. Private equity investments often demand long holding periods to allow for a turnaround for a distressed company or liquidity event such as an IPO or sale to public company. 

The size of the private equity market has grown steadily since the 1970s. Private equity firms will sometimes pool funds together to take very large public companies private. Many private equity firms conduct what are known as leveraged buyouts (LBOs), where large amounts of debt are issued to fund a large purchase. Private equity firms will then try to improve the financial results and prospects of the company in the hope of reselling the company to another firm or cashing out via an IPO. 

Venture Capital: Venture capital firm is a limited partnership that specializes in raising money to invest in the private equity of young firms. Venture capital firms offer limited partners a number of advantages over investing directly in start-ups themselves. Because these firms invest in many startups, limited partners are more diversified. They also benefit from the expertise of the general partners. 

However, these advantages come at a cost. General partners usually charge substantial fees, taken mainly as a percentage of the positive returns they generate. Most firms charge 20% of any positive return they make, but the successful firms may charge 30%. They also generally charge an annual management fee of about 2% of the fund’s committed capital.

Venture capital firms can provide substantial capital for young companies.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital Assignment Help

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