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Portfolio management is the art and science of managing an investor’s portfolio of investments in order to maximize the returns, minimize the risk and achieve the objectives as stated in the investor’s investment strategy.  

Portfolio management starts with defining the strategy of investment for the investor, it then goes on to decide the budget and resources of the investor within the purview of which the investment needs to be done. The next step is to identify the required returns (the expectations) and the risk appetite of the investor, that is, the amount of risk the investor is willing to take while investing.  

The portfolio manager then goes on to allocate the assets to the investor, invest in an appropriate mix of assets such as equity, fixed income securities, derivatives, real estate, bullion, mutual funds, hedge funds. It then has to identify and allocate respective investments within the asset class like which sector in equities and which stock in the sector. 

The portfolio manager then seeks to balance the portfolio so as to achieve the objective of risk and return. The portfolio manager then assesses the performance of the portfolio and monitors if the portfolio meets the specified objectives. The next step is to review the performance and make appropriate changes so that the objectives, if met, are maintained and if not net, are met in the future.  

What is Fixed Income?

Fixed income refers to any security or investment that yield a regular stream of income (or cash flow) for the investor.

If a lender lends some money to a borrower and receives annual interest payment, this is a fixed income investment for the lender. The most common type of fixed income investment are bonds and debentures that are issued by corporate entities or government entities and yield fixed sources of cash flow.

Fixed income securities include bonds (with fixed coupon rates), preferred stocks or pensions that guarantee fixed cash flows for the investor. 


The Issuer is the entity that issues the fixed income security and would be paying the fixed sum of money to the investor. The issuer is basically the borrower of funds.

The Principal is the amount of money that is raised by issuing the fixed income security (e,g, a bond)

The coupon is the fixed rate of interest that is paid on the security

Maturity is the total period for which the amount is raised and during which the fixed income will flow to the lender (or investor)

The indenture is the contract that states the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Of late, derivatives have also been designed based on these fixed income securities. 

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