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The cultural dimension is central in all aspects of an organization. Even in organizations where cultural issues get little attention, how people in a company think, feel, value and act are guided by idea, meanings and beliefs of a  cultural nature. It’s a shared and integrated set of perceptions, memories, values and attributes that have been learned over time and which determine the expectations of behavior that are taught to the new members in an  organization.

During the 80’s there was a wave of a new culture in the business world. This soon became to be called as Corporate Culture. Soon this culture spread to many smaller and larger traditional companies. Soon each company  evolved its own unique culture.

The interest in identifying, developing, sharing and using knowledge in a more systematic way typically leads to a strong interest in organizational culture. Each company has its own unique culture. As each company had its own  line of work, people had their experiences, they had their own assumptions and perceptions. So, each company evolved its own culture just like its own marketing strategy or financial strategy.

Organizational Culture Assignment Help

The concept of culture seems relevant to many people, but the concept of culture in a company seems to be confusing. But, lets take some examples and it will be apparent.

Say, if in a company, there is a habit of working In closed cabins and a new court ruling bans these closed cabins. Now, the managers and executives who had earlier worked in closed cabins are now working in open cabins, they  are feel their privacy is missing and  they will feel as if they are being watched. It will take some time getting used to the new rule.

In the late 21st century many companies were introduced with new management concepts and they failed. They failed because     of the culture of the organization.

 The focus is now on the following

  • Changes in Global Marketplace: Due to the rapid change in the global marketplace, there is a lot of pressure on the companies to create a place in the competition. This has changed the culture of many organizations.
  • Intense Competition: Fierce competition has also changed the work culture of many companies. Changing the work culture involves changing the way things are done in a company.
  • Reconsider Traditional Management Practices: Traditional management practices have been changed to meet the demands of 21st century.
  • Shift from traditional, highly rationale theories to more fluid and irrational theories: The emphasis today is more on capturing the markets and taking any route to get there. So, it the reason for many companies to shift from safe and steady policies to new ways and policies which are not as secured as the traditional ideas.
  • Societal consciousness: raising regarding oppressive atmosphere in organizations for workers, women and minorities: There is a change in the perception of many people regarding the working conditions for the workers, women and children. This has reduced their by some extent. And If this continues to grow women and children will be benefited more.
  • Inequalities and oppressive circumstances: Earlier there were some inequalities like caste, creed, color, sex, nationality among workers, but now talking about these things is not allowed in any company. 

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Organizational Culture Assignment Help

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