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Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Help | Nuclear Chemistry Homework Help. Get it now!

Are you struggling with Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Problems? Do you need Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Help? Nuclear Chemistry Homework Help?

Nuclear chemistry is undoubtedly a vast area that involves many topics and subjects. But we understand that though you have a profound interest in this field, still you find it complex and difficult to handle. The uncounted number of chemical reaction, names of elements and atoms makes this field little tough to get along. You may need lot of time to understand the topics of each subject. But assignment at the same time can create burden to your work increasing the stress level.

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What is Nuclear Chemistry?

The discovery of radioactivity came in 1896 when Wilhelm Rontgen announced the discovery of X-rays. He pointed out that X-rays came from a spot on a glass tube where a beam of electrons, in his experiments, was hitting, and that this spot simultaneously showed strong fluorescence. It occurred to Henri Becquerel and other that X-rays might in some way be related to fluorescence and to phosphorescence.

Becquerel accordingly tested a number of phosphorescent substances to determine whether they emitted X-rays while phosphorescing. He had no success until he tried a compound of Uranium. Then he found that the Uranium compound, whether or not it was allowed to phosphoresce by exposure to light, continuously emitted something that could penetrate lightproof paper and even thicker materials.

Becquerel determined that the compounds of Uranium and the element itself produced ionization in the surrounding air. Thus either the ionizing effect, as indicated by the rate of discharge of a charged electroscope, or the degree of darkening of a photographic plate, could be used to measure the intensity of the invisible emission.

Moreover, the emission from the Uranium was continuous, perhaps even permanent, and required no energy from any external source. Yet, probably because of the current interest and excitement over X-rays, Becquerel’s work received little attention until in 1898 when Marie and Pierre Curie entered the picture. Searching for the sources of the intense radiation in Uranium ore, they used tons of it to isolate very small quantities of the two new elements, radium and polonium, both radioactive. Along with Becquerel, the Curies shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.

While the early separation experiments were in progress, an understanding was slowly being gained about the nature of the spontaneous emission from the various radioactive elements. Becquerel thought at first that there were simply X-rays, but three different kinds of radioactive emission, now called alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays were soon found. Alpha particles are positively charged particles of Helium nuclei, beta particles are streams of high-speed electrons and gamma rays are high-energy radiation similar to X-rays.

Uses of Nuclear Chemistry:

Presently, nuclear chemistry is applied widely in every field of research, whether that involves designing of nuclear weapons, medicines or control of environmental disasters. Some of the points that describe the use of nuclear chemistry are:

  1. Control of harmful insect by use of gamma rays.
  2. Use of X-ray, gamma ray or different isotopes for diagnosis of different parts of the body.
  3. Detection of environmental pollution.
  4. Treatment of different types of diseases.
  5. Use of different fertilizers.
  6. Preservation of food.

Meet Our Panel of Online Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Experts

With our experts to back you, you are sure to receive straight As in all your Nuclear Chemistry Assignments and Nuclear Chemistry Homework.

  • Our lead nuclear chemistry assignment help expert has been helping students write their nuclear chemistry assignments on a range of topics of nuclear chemistry including nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, radioactivity, and many others. His extensive research and education in the field of nuclear chemistry makes him the perfect person to help you solve your nuclear chemistry assignment questions.
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  • She has a Masters in Nuclear Chemistry from Germany and is currently pursuing her PhD from one of the leading institutes of London. Whether it is identifying alternative names for alpha radiation, substituting a beta particle for another term, solving equations in order to discover what type of radiation is present, naming the isotope that is produced from the decay of radium -226, and dealing with mathematics she can help you with all of them.

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