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 Mentoring is process in which in an organization, an experienced and/or a knowledgeable person guides or trains a less experienced or knowledgeable person or who is new to the organization. Generally, mentoring is a tool which the organizations use to nurture and grow their people. It can be an informal as well as for a formal program. The mentor demonstrates, explains and models while the apprentices observe, learn, question and explore the program.

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Mentoring usually involves coaching, training, counseling and discussions which help the newly recruited to understand the various processes the organization is into and especially, the line of work for which he/she was    recruited for.

 The following are the assumptions that a mentoring program consists of:

  • Deliberate learning is the cornerstone: The job of a mentor is to promote intentional learning. This includes capacity building through methods  such as instructing, coaching, sharing experiences, modeling and advising. 
  • Both success and failure are powerful teachers: Mentors as leaders of a learning experience, certainly need to share their “how to do it so that it gets right” stories. They also need to share their experiences of “how not to do it” or “how I did it wrong” so that the apprentices keep both the positive and the negative stories in mind while learning and put it into practice when they are actually working.
  • Sharing examples: The mentors need to share their experiences or examples from the past as the apprentices will remember the examples more than the actual rules. For most of the big rules, there need to be at least one example given so that they will remember the rules very well. When someone asks a rule, they’ll easily remember the example and tell the rule.
  • Development matures overtime: Training is an ongoing process. An employee is trained all the time. With a new responsibility coming everyday will give a new experience to the employee. And this is real experience. Freshly out of the training program will only make the new recruit know how the process works, but the intricacies of work will only be known until he actually works for sometime, say for about 1year or so.

Mentoring Assignment Help

Benefits of mentoring programs in an organization:

  • On Boarding: Speed up the process of bringing new hires and speed up the process of redeploying existing employees into new lines of work. Bring them up to speed quickly and effectively. Studies have shown that first month is crucial to the overall success of that employee’s tenure with the organization.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Studies have shown that employees who participate in mentoring programs have higher job satisfaction. Higher job satisfaction leads to higher productivity and reduced turnover.
  • Employee Retention: Employees, who are mentored well, will get a higher job satisfaction and with higher job satisfaction, the employees remain in the organization for a long time. This reduces the attrition and the chain linking costs of hiring and training new recruits. 
  • Career Growth and Planning: Mentoring programs provide an effective way to career growth to employees. Growing employees into more senior positions is an effective way to reduce hiring and turnover costs and keeping employees continually striving to be the best they can be.
  • Knowledge Management and Retention: Knowledge is retained in key individuals is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. If this employee leaves all this knowledge will be lost. Unless the organization has an effective mentoring program that allows and encourages these key employees to share their knowledge and skills with other employees. Not only does this benefit the organization by risk of loss of key skills and knowledge lost, but also helps reduce the burden on those key employees.
  • Quality: Studies have shown that organizations that actually care about the quality are more profitable. The first step to improved quality is to ensure that everyone is following the current internal process. One cannot improve the internal processes if everyone is ignoring them. The best way to ensure consistency is to make sure that new recruits are taught the right way in the first place.
  • Reduces Frustration: Last, but not the least, employees who don’t understand their work and don’t know where to go or who to ask will become frustrated. And frustration reduces the morale and confidence of the employee and increases the turnover cost of organization.

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Mentoring Assignment Help

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