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Linear Programming

Linear Programming or linear optimization as it is also called is a method used for achieving highest results or best outcomes with the help of mathematical models. These mathematical models are represented using linear relationships.

Linear programming stems from the idea that if a system exhibits a structure which can be represented by a mathematical model, where event the objective can be quantified, then some computational method may be evolved for choosing the best schedule of actions among alternatives. Such use of mathematical models is termed as linear programming. Linear programming can be applied to various problems in military, economics and industry. The linear inequalities and equations have helped in developing solutions through linear programming methods.

Linear Programming Assignment Help

Some of the topics covered under Linear Programming include

  • Definition of Linear Programming
  • Classification of Programming Problems
  • Mathematical Programming and Automation
  • Origins of Linear Programming
  • Economic Models and Linear Programming
  • Industrial Applications of Linear Programming
  • Formulating Linear Programming Model
  • Linear Equation and Inequality Systems
  • Simplex Method
  • Proof Of Simplex Algorithm and Duality Theorem
  • Simplex Method Using Multipliers
  • Finiteness Of Simplex Method Under Perturbation
  • Variants Of Simplex Algorithm
  • Geometry Of Linear Programs
  • Pivoting, Vector Spaces, Matrices and Inverses
  • Price Concept in Linear Programming
  • Games And Linear Programs
  • Classical Transportation Problem
  • Optimal Measurement and Other Distribution Problems
  • Transshipment Problem
  • Variables With Upper Bounds
  • Maximal Flows in Networks
  • Convex Programming
  • Decomposition Principle of Linear Programs
  • Uncertainty

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Linear Programming Assignment Help

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Linear Programming Assignment Help

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